Friday, April 24, 2015

It's April...Do You Have a Writing Goal Set for the Year Yet?

Yeah.  It's April.  It's a resolution but just a bit late.  So sue me.  :)

I have a goal and needed to know it was doable before I said I was going to do it.  I've been putting out a book a month since January (actually, I had some last year, too, but this is more 'official.')

These are the books I've published so far this year:





That's one book for Kyra's pen name, two for Paige, and one for Eryn.  Andie's up next, and then, we'll see what comes up next.  With April's book, that's 44 books under the SweetTale marketing name.  Who knows...I might get to 50 before the year's up, or if I stay with a book a month, that's eight more books, which gets me to 52 books.

What's your goal?  Even if you only have a goal of a book a year, that's FANTASTIC!  A book a year...if you write a page a day, you'll have that book done by year's end!

So get writing!  Stay tuned to see if I make my goal for the year.  YAY!

Have a great week!

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