Friday, May 1, 2015

A Plot Around Every Corner...

Everywhere I go, there seems to be a plot waiting to attack me.  For example, this one could be a wonderful horror story:

I was walking my dogs the other day, like usual, and a guy pulled up to the curb.  He opened the side window and asked if he could take a picture of my dogs with his phone, because his sister-in-law LOVES Bostons.  I said, sure...but the dogs wouldn't even turn the right way, so he got out of his vehicle (a pickup, by the way...never trust trucks or vans), and my dogs lunged toward him.  He got the picture, thanked me, got back into his truck, and drove away.  It freaked me out a bit, thinking 'what if...' but realized it was on a busy road, and if the guy wanted to kidnap me or the dogs, or kill us, someone would notice the blood, at least.

Here's another one...back when our youngest (who's now turning 20 this year) was about 2, I took her to the store with me.  Now this store was a bit hidden with trees, so people wouldn't notice if anything bad happened.  I took her inside and when we came out, I put her in the back of the minivan before I unloaded my groceries (notice, a van-type vehicle, which is a lot like a pickup with a place to hide bodies).  I was just finishing up putting my groceries away and ready to get into the minivan when a guy--not an evil looking guy, but average (the worst kind because they're unidentifiable)--approached me.  He wanted to see my van.  Since they weren't that popular yet, I said, 'sure.'  He wanted to get into the driver's seat.  I, stupidly, said, 'sure.'  Now, my daughter was in the backseat in her car seat, and if that guy pulled a weapon and demanded my keys, what would I do?  He didn't.  He saw the car, got out of the car, thanked me, and left.  Afterward, I thought I was so stupid.  I should've said, 'no,' but he may have pulled a weapon anyway.  I don't know if there was a right thing to do, other than never go to that hidden store again.

These are the things horror stories are made of, in my mind.  They were both a seemingly simple situation, where I was in charge of a helpless being (yes, my dogs aren't even close to being watchdogs).  Someone could've really taken advantage of that fact.  The second story took place in NC, and a while after that happened, a woman in a park, watching over her two boys around noon, was raped in front of her kids.  It, also, was in a wooded section.  That could've been me.  It was within a mile of that grocery store, too.

Every day, I have visions of plots happening with every little thing I do, every place I go.  Even staying at home can make my mind race.  Here's an example.  I swear our house is haunted.  I hear noises that aren't normal all day long as I spend my days at home.  One day, I heard a dog bark in our living room.  All our dogs were asleep at the time and not near the living room.  I heard someone cough upstairs the other day...and I was alone.  We're not close enough to the street to hear people, but I tell myself it's coming in from outside.  Our daughter saw a ghost in her room when we first moved in and told me, in detail, what it looked like.  She knew the color of the guy's flannel shirt, his face, etc...even though it was dark.  She ran through the ghost to get to our room to tell me.  I told her it was a dream (I'm still sure it was, because she could discern colors in the dark.)  But that's another plot waiting to be told.

So if you're stuck on what to write about, just sit back and watch life go by.  Take notes.  Consider the 'what if's' in your day and see where that takes you.  Who knows...that ghost could've been the love of her life back a few centuries (and no, I don't believe in reincarnation, but time travel...who knows!).  LOL!

Have a wonderful week!

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