Friday, May 29, 2015

Curb Appeal for Your Book

What?  Curb appeal?  I thought that was only in real estate, when selling a house.

Curb appeal for a book, in my mind, is how the book looks from the front.  If it's good, the reader will open it to read the book, and buy it.  If the front's not good, forget about it.

So what determines curb appeal?  The title and the cover.  There's no magic formula that I've found to make your book have better curb appeal, but there are some hints of things that might help.

Here's what I've found:

The cover:

  • Keep the font easy to read and large.
  • Keep the cover uncluttered.
  • Use images that are easy to see.
  • Use a light cover for light books--comedies, chick lit, etc.  Use dark covers for thrillers, mysteries, and dark topics.
  • Covers that sell seem to go through phases based on best sellers.
  • People or pets on the cover make it easier for the reader to relate to.
The title:
  • Short titles seem to sell well.
  • Alliteration works for a title.
  • Unique titles are great.
  • The title should relate to the subject and genre.
So work on the curb appeal and your book will sell more copies.   It's like selling a house...pull the weeds in the front flower bed (keep it uncluttered), paint the front (get a great cover), and make sure the address is clearly visible (give yourself a wonderful title).

Personally, I like simple covers, because to me, that means a book that's not so complex that it'll be hard to follow the plot.  Just keep that in mind when you're thinking of what you'd like to see.  A book IS judged by the cover.

Have a great week!

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