Friday, May 8, 2015

Indie Writers Do It All

If you have a goal to be an Indie writer (you are independent and don't have a 'publisher' to answer to), then you're in for a fun ride.

Not only do you write the book, you're in charge of the following:

* editing
* creating a book cover
* formatting the book
* posting the book on various selling websites
* marketing
* paying taxes on any income you get
* registering any pen name (depending on where you live--most writers don't have to do this)
* social media for advertising

You also have to set the price, write up a blurb for the book, have a web site or a presence online for fans to see more of your work, and even get an ISBN and deal with reviews--bad and good.

These are the main items you have to be able to do.  Now, most writers contract these jobs out, so they don't have to do it all by themselves.

Now, for me, I do it all.  Every once in a while I contract out for a book cover, but the rest--it's all mine.

How can someone do all of this and still write a book?  Beats me--because it's not easy.  When I first started writing, I worked twelve hours a day most days, writing books.  Fortunately, I haven't published some of those books, so I have books waiting to be published.  I just have to do the list above (edit, create a book cover, format the book, and market/advertise) and the book comes out fast.  That's how I can put a book out a month.  The things are already written.  But some of the ones I'm putting out are new books, that I finish writing a week before they're published.

Thus, the next time you think an indie author doesn't work as hard as someone who's traditionally published (with a publisher), realize that traditionally published author only has to write the book.  That's it.  The rest is done for them.

Hats off to all indie writers.  You're entrepreneurs.  I liken indies to people who flip homes--they're in charge of doing it all, and succeed.

Have a great week!

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