Friday, May 22, 2015

When Is Enough Enough?

Now, before you think I'm upset, I'm not.  This isn't that type of post.

I read a blog a while back about this author who had over a hundred titles in print--all indie published.  They made a nice amount of money every month, but none of the books were top sellers for Amazon or any publisher.  However, with a hundred titles, they were making enough to stay at home and write for a living.

Now, you're probably wondering why I'm writing this.  I have 44 book titles in print and should be making a bundle.  WRONG.  The timing for my books is all wrong.  There are so many books in print these days, the competition is tremendous, just to get readers.  Throw in the incentive programs by Amazon (like free books, Kindle KDP Select, and things of that nature), and gaining readers is almost impossible.  I also am at a disadvantage of my own making--I have too many pen names to have repeat readers find my books fast.  Yes, I do, and I know it.  But each of my pen names is for a different genre, so it makes sense.

Thus, I don't have 44 titles per name.  I have, at most, 14 titles (for Eryn Grace).  So to get to 100 and have the type of success like that author has will take me a while.

Back to the title.  When is enough enough?  When will the number of titles for a pen name be enough to bring in more readers?  I think it used to be eight or nine titles.  The more you had, the more readers you'd get because the readers would say, 'I like this book...what else does that author have to offer?'

But with the glut of books out there, I don't think eight or nine titles is enough anymore.  I think it has to be in the twenties, at least.  I may be way off, but readers see what's in front of them at that moment for new authors.  It makes sense.

Thus, 44 isn't enough yet, nor is 14.  Some people will have more success with fewer books than that and some will have to write more.

I need to get writing more.  Stay tuned...I'm still on track for a book a month.

Have a great weekend!

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