Friday, June 12, 2015

Words I Was Sure Were Real...

Have you ever written a word you were sure was real just to find out your brain made it up?  I have this problem more than I care to admit.  But it's hilarious when I do realize it's just a made up word.

Here's an example of my favorite word.  Clapter.

You're saying, HUH?

Think about it.  Laughter filled the audience.  So did clapter.  Since people can laugh and create laughter, why not all clap and create clapter?

I think these words need to go in a cool dictionary somewhere and eventually be brought into the English language.  What do you think?

Another one that I love to use (and yes, I find and correct them while editing) is smilize.  He smilized his whole face.  That means his smile filled his face, his eyes narrowed slightly while his laugh lines deepened, his lips turned upward, and his dimples showed on his cheeks.  We all need to smilize more.  LOL!

Do you have any words like this that you'd love to admit to?  They just crack me up!

Have a wonderful week!

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