Friday, August 7, 2015

Adventures in Storytelling

Something woke her from her deep sleep.  She listened for a moment, the noise mimicking a thick twirling rope.  Dare she raise the blind and look out the window?  The more she thought about it, the more she panicked.  The sound grew closer, the whirling louder as it neared.

Sucking sounds plucked at the air, as if something--or someone--was being taken away.  Distant slight screams accompanied the sound, but then nothing before another slight scream and the sound of a vacuum.

Should she glance outside, just to see?  Maybe she should take a peek?

She turned toward the clock.  It read 2:06.  Early morning.  Her mind turned at the thought of what might be overhead, for now, the sound was right outside her window.  She had to look.  A sudden blinding light filled the window beside her bed.

She didn't even have to move the blind, for she knew what the thing was.  Strange colors lit her room, in red, green, and yellow.  No one had to tell her what to do, for she knew.

With a quick motion, she slid out of bed and moved under the frame.  She had to hide.

The sound took only an instant longer, the lights brighter than ever.  She closed her eyes and whoosh...the thing was gone.  She was safe.

The woman moved back into bed but now couldn't sleep.  Would it return to claim her in its sucking sound, as well?  Would anyone hear her screams?  If she called the cops, she knew they'd laugh at her.  But who would get the last laugh when they'd receive other calls identical to hers?

Her mind drifted in and out of consciousness until about six, when her alarm woke her.  She got out of bed, took a shower, and made breakfast.  But she had to know.  What happened the night before?  Was it merely a dream or was it reality?

She flipped on the news.  There, on the television screen, was her worst nightmare.  Drawn images of a UFO showed how the thing sucked people into its grasp.

The alien war had begun and she was a witness.

I hope you enjoy this plot bunny crawling around in my head.  This one was created by my daughter, actually, who thought she saw a UFO in the sky.  Turns out, it was leftover fireworks someone was setting off.

Have a great week!

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