Friday, September 25, 2015

A Funny Thing Happened This Summer

Our youngest was home for the summer, and took three online classes for her college degree.  One of those classes was marketing for a general education class.

So I picked her brain about how to market books.  She had some advice that made sense.

*  Define your market:  My books, for example, are for married women between the ages of 30-50.  She said it should be very specific, more specific than I've mentioned.  I'm thinking about this more.

*  Know where your market hangs out:  Are they on social media and if so, when?  That's when and where you should market your books.

*  Create a theme:  This one was really interesting.  I thought I HAD a theme--sweet books with character, but it wasn't all-encompassing.  I didn't stress it at all.  That was evident when someone on twitter thought my murder mystery wasn't sweet.  Sweet, to me, means no swearing, no explicit sex, no gory descriptions--think clean, or something your grandmother might enjoy.  To some others, it also indicates a type of romance with no religious content.  However, I think any genre can be sweet, or clean, so I'm going with that.  Thus, I need to build some sort of clean/sweet platform that encompasses all my books and genres.

*  Advertise:  Now this takes money that I don't have.  So I'm going to have to get creative.  I thought about it.  I do have blogs that people do visit.  I have social media where I could market.  But it has to be unique and creative.

So, I'm going to have to work on something to pull all my sweet/clean books together into one group, marketing them as one type of book.  I've laid the groundwork for it, with my SweetTaleBooks website but need to incorporate them all into one group.

What about your books?  How could you market them better?  Any other ideas I'm missing?

Have a great week!

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