Friday, November 27, 2015

Your Character's Eyes

They say that someone's eyes are the window to their soul or something like that. (It's been attributed to Shakespeare, Da Vinci, or one's really sure.)

But what do your character's eyes say about your character?  I did a quick search on this and found these articles:

Scientists discover that eyes really are 'the window to the soul'

In this article, it states that differences in the iris can indicate if a person is warm, tender, and trusting, or if the person is neurotic, impulsive, and likely to give into cravings.

And, in this article:  The Eyes Are the Window to Your Potential Soul Mate, the researchers found that if a person is romantically attracted to a person, their gaze is different from what they'd look like when they're in lust.  If they focus on the eyes and face, they're into the romance.  If they look at the person's whole body, it's lust.


Even the color of the person's eyes says a lot about them:

What your eye color says about you!

  • black eyes:  mysterious, secretive, and possibly psychic
  • blue eyes:  forceful, direct person with insight and observation
  • gray eyes:  subtle and sensitive person with keen insight
  • brown eyes: strong, independent person with a connection to nature and the earth
  • green eyes:  youthful, compassionate soul with immense creativity
  • hazel eyes:  possesses all the qualities of blue, brown, gray, and green eyes

So the next time you want to identify a person's eye color in your story, consider either matching their personality to the color, OR making it the exact opposite, just to spin things around a bit.

Have a great week!

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