Tuesday, December 29, 2015

13 Indie Books Published This Year!

If' you're in need of a new book to read, how about checking out one of my latest, all published this year.  It's a baker's dozen of tales to escape to!

Here's the list.  enjoy!

  1.  The Improbable Legend of Lucy George by Kyra Myles01/30/15
  2.  My Vampy Valentineby Paige Ryter02/11/15
  3.  The Psycho Golden Shamrockby Paige Ryter03/15/15
  4.  The Lord is With Meby Eryn Grace04/14/15
  5.  Please Don't Blow Up the Neighborsby Andie Alexander05/29/15
  6.  Welcome to Fugitive Innby Andie Alexander06/29/15
  7.  Invasion of the Alien Dust Bunniesby Paige Ryter07/30/15
  8.  Faith in the Darkest of Nightsby Eryn Grace08/31/15
  9.  Death's Sidekickby Andie Alexander09/28/15
10.  Deadly Interpretationsby Andie Alexander10/31/15
11.  Murders on the Edgeby Andie Alexander11/10/15
12.  The Waterfall Coupby Andie Alexander11/29/15
13.  In the Twinkle of Christmasby Markee Anderson12/19/15

And all the covers:

The Improbable Legend of Lucy George My Vampy Valentine The Psycho Golden Shamrock The Lord is With Me Please Don't Blow Up the Neighbors Welcome to Fugitive Inn Invasion of the Alien Dust Bunnies Faith in the Darkest of Nights Death's Sidekick Deadly Interpretations Murders on the Edge The Waterfall Coup In the Twinkle of Christmas
So go find a good book today!  Here are 13 right at your fingertips, and all under $3!
Markee at SweetTale Books

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