Monday, December 21, 2015

Need an Ugly Sweater?

I've been doing a lot of shopping lately and have come across the 'ugly sweater' section of the stores.  As ugly as they are, they're adorable.

As a writer or a reader, have you ever come across an 'ugly sweater' in a book?  I'm thinking of a character you really don't like but they're lovable.  Or an object or a person that just gets in the way.

Here's an example.  In my book, 'Touchdowns and Potions,' there's an old woman named Edna (my grandmother's first name, by the way).  She's selling her home and the heroine, Jenna, is the real estate lady.  Edna speaks her mind, deciding Jenna needs to attract more men, especially the star quarterback for the pro football team.  Without Jenna's consent, Edna splashes a magical  love potion on Jenna's wrists.  It lasts for a week and all the men are attracted to her, to the point of being annoying.

Edna is an ugly sweater.  She's eccentric and takes the liberty of making Jenna's life really tough.  But you have to love Edna.  She means well, even if you want her out of the story.

The next time you're reading, see if the author threw in an ugly sweater.  They're a hoot and definitely make the plot more interesting.

Have a great week!

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