Sunday, December 13, 2015

Watching Sports on TV

I'm not a huge sports fan and neither is anyone in our family.  But we do watch NC State basketball games, and of course, the Packers (if you live in the Green Bay area, you pretty much have to watch the Packers).

So we're in the midst of watching both games (they're playing at the same time).  Have you ever noticed that the announcers are always 'for' one team, berating the other team while announcing?  For example, on the NC State/USF game, NC State is dominating.  The announcers are just harassing the USF team (and I'm for NC State).  They ALWAYS hate the Packers when they announce, so I usually watch it with no volume on the television.

I think announcers should either have one announcer for each team, and/or they HAVE to say something nice for each nasty comment.  They can always find something nice to say, even if it's 'hey, they have nice outfits.'

What do you think?

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