Sunday, January 24, 2016

Alone Again...Naturally

Our kids are now back in college, so I'm alone again during the day, after my husband goes to work.  This is bittersweet to me.  I enjoy laughing with our kids, but sometimes, their drama is overwhelming.  When I'm alone, I get a lot more done, but also get more phone calls from our kids with problems they want fixed, but not by me.  Speaking of frustrating!

I saw this article on about being alone:  Science Says People Who Enjoy Being Alone Are More Likely To Be Successful  They're right to some extent, because being alone gives you time to get things done without someone else interrupting.  But, they don't include the emotions that being alone can create.  Some people can't cope with being alone--it's depressing.  I was like that for years, thinking I needed people around me.  But the more I'm alone, the more I treasure the time.  I've learned to like myself enough to enjoy the quiet time.  I think it's because I'm an introvert and others suck the energy out of me.

How about you?  Do you like being alone or do you prefer having others around you?

Have a great week!
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