Monday, January 25, 2016

Have you seen the new calorie counting device yet?

Every year, there's a trade show called the CES (Consumer electronics show) in Las Vegas.  This year, it took place from January 6-9.

There were some pretty impressive new ideas coming out, all demonstrated at the CES.  One of these things is a scanner that can tell you how many calories are in one item, like a piece of bacon, a burger, etc.  It can't be a mix of items, but just one at a time.  It's here: This tiny scanner can tell how many calories are in the food you're holding before you eat it

You might be thinking this is all made up, but think of it this way.  If they can do this now, I suspect that some day, there will be 'smart plates' that estimate the calories, carbs, and fat on your plate.

So, suspend disbelief and imagine they can do this, like a science fiction thing.  Let's say they develop something like this.  Would you use it?

Before you answer, think of this.  Back a few years, we went to a restaurant that indicated the calorie counts for all the items on the menu.  I took a look at that and refused to eat the higher calorie items and didn't like going to the restaurant, because I couldn't eat the good stuff.  I think if people knew what they were eating, calorie-wise, they may rethink what they put into their systems.

So, if you knew what you were eating, would you use it?  What do you think the impact of such an item would have on our society?  If you look at small things and how they affect you, something like a calorie counting plate or even cup would be amazing.  Look at the Fitbit, or the Vivofit.  It seems many people are using them now, trying to get their step count up.

I know I'd get a plate like that.  I'd probably even use it. LOL!

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