Friday, January 22, 2016

It's Friday!!! 15 Things You Can Do This Weekend!

Friday is the best day of the week!  The weekend begins and so do all the fun weekend activities.  Not so for you?  You need to live a little!

Here are some things you can do this weekend, and they're not even that expensive (or they're free).

1.  Go to a coffee shop and watch people.  It's hilarious and you get an hour of downtime to realize life is fun.

2.  Watch a game on television.  I know...some of you aren't game-types.  But find one team you can root for.  I seem to like to root for whomever the commentators hate for some reason.  So for that game, I mute the television and provide my own commentary.  It's just fun if there are others watching with you.

3.  Take a walk.  I like to do this and take pictures as I walk.  Some of them can have hidden gems in the pictures, like a dog peeking around the corner.  If you live near a cool place to see, take those pictures, edit them (I use, a free product), and make a coloring book.  You can even sell them on CreateSpace and make some cash.

4.  Make enough meals for the week so you don't have to cook next week.  That can be a blast, by the way.  Turn on the tunes and jam out while baking.  Don't forget the desserts, too.  This is also the time to try new recipes.  Here are a few that will make your taste buds happy:

Main entrees:Crispy Chicken NuggetsSwedish MeatballsGet the Dish: Olive Garden Lasagna ClassicoChicken Pot Pie Bubble-Up Bake

Breads:The Best Pumpkin BreadHomemade Hawaiian Bread Rolls

Desserts:Mini Pumpkin Pies with Cinnamon Roll Pie CrustCookie Cups Inspired by Dominique Ansel's Cookie Shots

Or, look up something you've had at a restaurant and try to replicate it.  There are so many good recipes online, you can't go wrong.

5.  Walk the mall.  Exercise is good, and there's nothing like retail therapy.  Many malls have an early morning route for walkers.

6.  Go bowling.  This is a fun activity for groups of people, but you can go alone.  At least, when you're alone, you win every time!

7.  Do crafty projects, draw, or color in a coloring book.  If you need coloring books for adults, check out this post:

8.  Plant seeds, or plant trash from plants.  For example, I cut off the bottoms of celery and stick them in dirt.  They grow!  In a few months, I have more celery to eat.  Cool!

9.  Plan your chores for the week, so they're not done all at once.  Actually, you could plan your whole week.  Check out the things I do here:  I have a spreadsheet like that for every week, just to keep myself organized.  It also helps keep depression (like the winter doldrums) away since my time is scheduled.

10. Organize your house.  This is quite an undertaking but when you're done, you'll feel great.  Get rid of clutter.  Work on one room a week, so it's not overwhelming.

11.  Start your spring cleaning early.  Dust and vacuum under furniture, and do everything except things that require the warm weather.

12.  Learn a craft from the olden days.  This could be weaving, candle making, or even wood working.

13.  Volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter.  It will change your life for the better.

14.  Go see a movie (or some sort of show).  Enjoy the popcorn for me!

15.  READ A BOOK!!!!  This is very important.  Why?  Books do so much for your brain.  Check out my blog from yesterday.  You'll see why this is will help your life!

Have a wonderful week!
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