Sunday, January 10, 2016

It's Sunday in January...

January and February (well, actually all winter) are tough months for me.  I hate snow...and I live in Wisconsin.  Go figure.  I'm terrified to drive in it, even though now, I have an all-wheel-drive car.  I don't like the cold and don't like to shovel at all.  I'd rather mow grass.

So I started thinking of the future.  The future is a good thing to think about when faced with something that's not pleasant.  I learned that from one of my characters--Kes, from the Extreme Travel series of my books by Andie Alexander.

Spring will be here before long, and I need to be ready for that.  I'd like to garden more this year, so I need to figure out what to grow and get that ready to go.  The growing season in WI is short, so I start the plants out early inside the house, so by the time June comes around (yes, that's when we can plant), the babies are ready to go outside.

Also, I'd like to fix up my house a bit.  Things need repaired and I'd like to learn how to do it.  How hard can electrical fixes be, after all?  (And if you read about how I was zapped by electricity some time in the future, realize I did it to myself).

As for books, I'm considering publishing a few less books this year, so I can actually write a few new ones.  Last year, I wrote some, but not many, because of my goal of a book a month.  I still have quite a few books on my computer that could be published, and they will, eventually.  But I want to put something new out there.  It's fun to write, because I always surprise myself when I do.  The plots never go as I plan when I first start to write.  It's hilarious and I love it!

So for you, what do you have planned  this year?  If you've never written a book but have one inside your head, go for it.  It's a hoot to do, once you get started.  And, if you write a page a day, in a year, you'll have a book (or more).  Cool idea!

Have a wonderful Sunday!
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