Saturday, January 30, 2016

Music Is Good for a Soul

I've been trying to write an emotionally charged book, but when my day is filled with dealing with dogs and kids' problems, more emotions aren't in my head.  I want to escape problems and emotions.

So how do you get in the mood for something like that?  I listen to music.  LOTS of music.  I've found that love songs or Christian music really lets me get past the day-to-day issues and gives me the ability to write something very touching, but not to the point of sickening.

I also use my MP3, filled with cool songs, when someone's stressing me out.  I can escape all the noise around me and just focus on the words of those songs.  I've found, that when I have a big task to do that I don't like doing, listening to music or talk radio helps a lot.  For example, when I have to clean the house, I get out the MP3 and jam out while cleaning toilets.  It really helps.  I'm tempted to use my MP3 when shopping.  I hate shopping and it would make it go faster.  LOL!

What does music do for you?  How does it affect your day?

Have a great week!
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