Thursday, January 14, 2016

Spelling Answers!

Here are the answers from yesterday.  How did you do?

1.  We have to (chose or choose) to tell the truth.

The answer is choose--rhymes with news.  Present tense.  See

2.  I flipped a coin and (chose or choose) heads. (past tense)

The answer is chose, rhymes with hose.  Past tense of choose.  See

3.  Can you (loose or lose) weight?

The answer is lose, and rhymes with news (like choose).  See this: or this:

4.  My clothes are (loose or lose) because I lost weight.

The answer is loose and it rhymes with goose.  See this: or this:

5.  The king sat on the (thrown or throne).

The answer is throne.  That's the big chair for a leader.  See this:

6.  The ball was (thrown or throne) to me.

The answer is thrown.  It's the past participle of throw.  See this:

So how did you do?  If you didn't know these, commit them to memory.

Have a good one!
Markee/SweetTale Books

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