Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Spelling Quiz (not for wimps)

I'm really into spelling this week.  Fill in the following and see how you did...tomorrow:

1.  My ______ is a great person.
A.  neece
B.  neice
C.  niece
D.  sister's kid (can't spell it)

2.  The ______ on my car went out and it careened down the hill.
A.  brakes
B.  breaks
C.  braeks
D.  stoppy thingies

3.  Her ____ was atrocious.
A.  grammer
B.  grammar
C.  gramier
D.  language thingie

4.  The ______ house is a place of junk.
A. Smith's
B. Smiths'
C. Smiths
D. house of the family of Smith

5.  My ______ are hilarious.
A. dogs
B. dog's
C. dogs'
D. four-legged pets

6.  We have a _____ so Santa will have a place to enter our home.
A. chimley
B. chimmy
C. chimney
D. sticky-up thing on top of our house

7.  _____ car was an eyesore.
A. There
B. Their
C. They're
D. A

8.  Her hands were _____ up in the murder mystery.
A.  tied
B.  tyed
C.  tying
D.  bound

9.  ______ perfect.
A. Nobodies
B. Nobodys
C. Nobody's
D. I'm

10.  We ___ there, in that house.
A. were
B. where
C. wear
D. needed to be

OK...go at it.  Write down your answers on a piece of paper or in the comments.  We'll see how you do tomorrow.  And for all those people choosing letter 'D,' ...  well, enough said.  LOL!

Have a great week!
Markee/SweetTale Books

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