Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Answers from Yesterday!

Here are the answers from yesterday:

1.  My _NIECE_ is a great person. (see

A.  neece
B.  neice
C.  niece
D.  sister's kid (can't spell it)

2.  The __BRAKES____ on my car went out and it careened down the hill. (see

A.  brakes
B.  breaks
C.  braeks
D.  stoppy thingies

3.  Her _GRAMMAR___ was atrocious. (see

A.  grammer
B.  grammar
C.  gramier
D.  language thingie

4.  The _SMITHS'_____ house is a place of junk. (shows possession of members of t he household: and

A. Smith's
B. Smiths'
C. Smiths
D. house of the family of Smith

5.  My _DOGS__ are hilarious. (see
A. dogs
B. dog's
C. dogs'
D. four-legged pets

6.  We have a _CHIMNEY__ so Santa will have a place to enter our home. (see

A. chimley
B. chimmy
C. chimney
D. sticky-up thing on top of our house

7.  _____ car was an eyesore. (see
A. There
B. Their
C. They're
D. A

8.  Her hands were __TIED__ up in the murder mystery.  (see
A.  tied
B.  tyed
C.  tying
D.  bound

9.  __NOBODY'S__ perfect. (see -- LOL! and

A. Nobodies
B. Nobodys
C. Nobody's
D. I'm

10.  We _WERE__ there, in that house. (see
A. were
B. where
C. wear
D. needed to be

So how did you do?  Did you get them all right?

If you chose any or all letter 'D' answers, I consider you to be into 'avoidance.'  We've all been there, even me.  So hang in there and don't beat yourself up too badly.

Have a great week!
Markee/SweetTale Books

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