Monday, January 18, 2016

Winter Doldrums Got Ya Down?

If you're not a snow bunny, or like winter sports, this time of year is tough, at best.  In our part of the world (Green Bay, WI), it's cloudy and the snow just keeps coming and coming and coming.

Now, for me, I like to think positive thoughts this time of year, because I wouldn't be surprised if I suffered from SAD.  That's Seasonal Affective Disorder.  The first winter here, my sister was dying back home in PA.  It was so depressing, snowy, and cloudy, I had a tough time.  I talked to my doctor and she thought I was crazy or something.  That's when I found out about SAD.  I'd never lived in such a place where the sun was a foreign object and it snowed every day.  I can't imagine living in Canada or Alaska.

To counterbalance the feelings of darkness and the cold of the snow, I made a plan.  First, my dad got me a light that simulated sunlight.  It bugged me, so I didn't keep that on much.  Instead, I put 100-watt bulbs in my lamps and kept them on most of the day, simulating sunlight that way.  I also told myself winter was just a cold summer, so I wear shorts around the house, unless I have to go outside.  I play more music and dance more.  I watch shows that are upbeat and funny and pass on the depressing sad stories.  I also tell myself that the day after Christmas (Dec. 26) is the first day of spring.  I also plant indoor plants, getting them ready to move outside when June rolls around (after our last frost chance).  Watching them grow is cool, especially if they have flowers.

People laugh at me, but it works!  I now enjoy winter, because I consider it a passing fancy.  Since spring now starts in December in my head, it makes January and February less depressing to me.  As weird as it sounds, it works for me.

Now, I almost look forward to winter (more than I did, anyway), because I can watch the Packers, dig paths in the snow for our dogs, and enjoy watching the neighbors dig out.  We have new neighbors from South Carolina, and they're experiencing their first winter here.  It reminds us of our first winter, when we had no idea what to expect.

So if you're suffering from the winter doldrums, make yourself a plan.  Turn on your lights, turn up the heat, and put on shorts.  Dance and listen to music.  Enjoy life!  Winter is just a passing phase that'll turn into the warmth of spring and summer.  After December, it's all uphill!

Have a great week,
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