Saturday, February 27, 2016

10 Strong Male Character Names

What's in a name?  A lot, if you're writing a book.

Today, I'm looking at male names.  Tomorrow, it'll be female names.

Have you noticed that some names lend themselves to more strength than others for males?  Here are 10 examples (and readers might disagree, but that's okay).

Strong men:

If I were to write a book about a tough guy, those are the ones I'd start with.  All tough and no nonsense names.  Why?  Most of them have some sort of history to go with the name.  For example, David would be King David.  He was tough.  Wyatt--Wyatt Earp.  Or they have a meaning that's tough. 

For example, Jake (short for Jacob) means 'supplanter.'  According to, a supplanter is:

A supplanter takes over or takes the place of someone else, usually on purpose. If usurping thrones is your thing, then maybe you have a future as a supplanter.
A supplanter takes the place of someone or something that was there first. For example, a new big-name donut shop may become a supplanter if it hurts or ruins the business of the local Mom and Pop donut shop. Supplanter often refers to governments and rulers of countries, and it comes from the verb supplant, which evolved from the Latin supplantare, meaning "to trip up or to overthrow."
Definitions of supplantern one who wrongfully or illegally seizes and holds the place of another

That's one tough dude.  Want to overthrow a government, call Jake.  He's the guy to do it.

In other words, I can't think of any character who would be named someone on that list who would be a pansy.  I can never see a Hank doing someone's nails, for example.  Jason, Yes.  Hank?  No.

When you name your characters, see if you can make the males stronger by choosing a name that's tough.  Usually, shorter names are tougher.  If they have a meaning or a history of a tough male, use it.  OR change it up a bit and use the tough named character as a beta character or a metrosexual.  It'll throw off your readers and make them think twice about stereotypes.

Have a great week!
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