Friday, February 19, 2016

Beware the Mirrors

Wow.  That title sounds like something out of a horror movie.  'Beware the mirrors' because you never know what you'll see there.  (See my post from Paranormal Signpost Up Ahead).

But for this post, I'm talking about mirroring in a book.  What's that, you ask?  I'm glad you posed the question. LOL!

Mirroring in acting means doing exactly what the other character is doing.  For example, he put his hands on his hips...and she does the same.  He smiles and winks, and she does the same.  Be careful of doing that in a book.  It's mirroring and boring reading.

I'm not sure what this is called, but I consider it to be either like mirroring or bad foreshadowing, bordering on repetition.  Hint:  it's not great writing.  I consider this to be like mirroring, because like what an actor does, the character does it in his head, and then says the same thing out loud.

Here's an example:

He thought she looked great.  "You look great," he told her.

He thought it and said it.  Foreshadowing?  Not so much.  Mirroring?  Sort of, but bad mirroring.  In other words, bad writing.  I knew an author who did this all the time.  Drove me nuts!

So, beware the mirrors and the bad writing.  It'll come back to haunt you (see what I did there???  I brought back the paranormal mirror concept.  LOL!).

Have a great week!
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