Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Get Some Great Think Time Today!

My middle daughter is hilarious.  I've always mentioned her as the 'redhead with attitude' on this blog (well at least I THOUGHT I did).  She doesn't seem to have a mouth filter (like me), and tells you exactly what she thinks.  Wonder where she gets that from.  LOL!

A few years ago, the 'redhead with attitude' sat with all of us at the dinner table while my husband talked, in length, about his job.  Now usually, people can engage such folk who like to discuss their job and it's interesting.  Not with my husband.  He uses acronyms he never defines, talks about people we don't know and don't care to know, and tells computery stuff between the acronyms and unknown people.  Talk about boring.  Worse yet, he doesn't understand how to tell a story, He spends a lot of time on extraneous facts and doesn't stick to the plot.  The setup for the story is way too long.  However, I have to admit I learned a lot about how to write a book from listening to him.  If it's not on the 'golden path' of the plot, leave it out.

Anyway, now that I strayed from the plot, myself, by giving you a bit of an explanation, let me get back to the dinner table. We're listening to three-letter acronyms of project names with characters we don't know.  Boring. When my husband was done with his long story that didn't even have a punchline, I turned to my son and said, 'now tell me what he just said in one sentence so I know what he's talking about.'  Of course, all the kids knew the answer, except for me.  They'd all known how to cut through the extra junk and get to the plot.  I seemed to have missed that part.

I turned to my daughter and said, 'I didn't get that.'  She said, 'Mom, when people talk like that, I get GTT.'

'GTT?  Huh?'

'Yeah.  Great Think Time.  You tune them out and go into your own head.  It's great.'

Of course, now, that's become a running joke.  When someone's droning on and on about something I don't care about, I turn to my kids and say, 'Excuse me.  I didn't get any of that.  I was having GTT.'

Get some GTT today!  Enjoy it.  I always do!

Have a great week!
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