Friday, February 12, 2016


Something crossed my mind the other day.  What if you could hibernate, like the animals do?  You'd be put in a case (like a tanning bed) and would go to sleep for a period of time, like maybe for all winter long.  You'd lose weight, but you'd also lose time--the time you're asleep.  Would you do it?

I thought about that.  I don't know if I would.  I'd love to sleep that long and lose weight.  But losing time?  I'd miss out on so much.  However, when I think about the day-to-day things that happen, would it really be missing out?

Then I thought, what if you could just fast-forward your life by a month or so.  Wouldn't that be weird?  You're watching your show, and wake up and the plot's changed so much.  Your life would change like that, too.  It'd be interesting, for sure.

So would you do it if you could?  Would you hibernate and/or fast forward your life (like what hibernation must feel like)?

It's food for thought, for sure!

Have a great week!
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