Monday, February 15, 2016

I'm Tired of this Adulting Stuff

Have you ever said that to yourself, that you want to be a kid again?  Imagine if that were true--no responsibilities, someone else cooks and cleans for you, and you get to color and play all day long (and go to school if it's not summertime).  I want that.

I also want my life to be surrounded in fun things.  For example, I'd LOVE to have a tree house.  We watch Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet.  What a cool thing to have in your yard--a tree house.  I'd go there to escape, to enjoy nature, and to let my mind soar.  I'd love to have a tree house that was like a starship, or a hobbit hole, or even a fairy tale cottage.

I was looking at house plans for fun the other week and had to email a friend of mine.  I found the coolest house plan.  Check this one out:  Santo L'Agnello 2256.  It's the standard 2-bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2 car garage home.  BUT when you look at the plans on that page, check out the niche to the left of the family room.  Wouldn't that be really cool if that was a secret passageway to a secret room, instead of the closet and walk-in closet?  I want a secret room that might go out to my tree house.

So, of course I had to look up secret rooms (gotta love the Internet).  Check this out: Hidden Rooms on Pinterest.  They have doorways that look like bookshelves, or just look like part of the wall.  There are even hidden rooms under the stairs or even under the center island.  Or, take a look at this place.  It has secret passageways in the walls.  The building is gorgeous!

I think in my next mystery that I write, there has to be some sort of hidden room.  Or there could be a secret slide, like the one I wrote into Cameo Appearance.  It was in the castle so the occupants could get out fast, in the event of a fire.

What else would you put into your life to become like a kid again?

Have a great week!
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