Monday, February 1, 2016

It's February--What Bathing Suit Will YOU Wear This Year?

Have you ever noticed how the stores are WAY ahead of the season?  They start advertising for Halloween in August.  Christmas comes in September, or so it seems, in these stores.  It's no different for summer clothes.

They start putting out bathing suits and shorts in February.  Ridiculous!  But I'm sure it's summer in SOME part of the world, and you have to bow to consumer demand, I guess.  However, in my neck of the woods (Green Bay, WI area), it's like below zero and snowing in February.

Why can't they get closer to the seasons for their advertising?  Let's say my coat rips on Feb. 1.  Tough.  I can't get a new coat because they're not on the racks.  You'll just have to improvise with this darling new bikini.  HUH?  Just crazy!

So what bathing suit will you wear this year?  It's February.  Time to start thinking about that stuff.

Just shaking my head.  Nothing like preparing for the future heat wave when you're snowed in.

Have a great week and a wonderful and WARM February!  I'm really looking forward to spring, myself.

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