Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Make Him Responsible!

Every year, that rodent called Punxsutawney Phil (I nickname him PP because who can even SAY Punxsutawney and I even grew up in PA) walks out of his lair (well, is dragged out) to see if his shadow will make an appearance.  And every year, when he sees his shadow, I yell at the TV.  The over-sized rat lies!  He knows not what he's doing.  Besides, it looks like all his handlers are drunk.  Who knows if they even are outside or if they're using a fake light just to tick me off.

I think PP should be responsible for his prediction.  Just like weathermen, I believe anyone who predicts something should be held responsible.  If PP calls for more winter and spring comes early, he should have to wear thick coats just to make him realize his job is important.

As for weathermen, I believe in the old three strikes and you're out deal.  If a weatherman misses in their prediction three times in the same month, then they should be slapped and fired.  Period.  I'm tired of thinking it's going to be sunny and whammo---two feet of snow slam us into an ice age.

What say you?  Do you agree?

Have a nice and wonderfully WARM week, regardless of weathermen and rats.
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