Saturday, February 13, 2016

Paranormal Signpost Up Ahead

Today would've been my oldest sister's 61st birthday.  She died in April of 2004, due to cancer, right after she'd just turned 49.  Since I think of her every February, my latest mystery release, 'Gangs, In-Laws, and Outlaws' by Andie Alexander was dedicated to her.  I should also dedicate one to my dad, as well.  He died on February 18 of 2007.  He would've loved my books.

What if ghosts could read?  What if she was reading that book right now and just laughing at the antics of what I wrote?  In that book, a ghost named Jacques appears a lot, giving Natalie clues for the case she's working on.  Her dead parents help, as well.

I think it'd be cool to be able to talk to someone in the afterlife.  But I wouldn't want it to be creepy or scary.  My younger sister had a conversation with my oldest sister after my oldest sister died.  My younger sister could even see the dead sister in the mirror.  My oldest sister said, 'not yet.'  Who knows what that means, but she then disappeared.

If we could learn how to interact with the dead, and use their abilities somehow, that'd be really cool.  In my series of Kes books (Extreme Travel), Kes has a ghost named Agatha who cleans for her.  Wow.  Think how cheap that would be.  Your place would be clean all the time.  Granted, Agatha loves to clean and run the vacuum in the middle of the night, which would be annoying.  But still.  How cool would that be?

So the next time you see me mentioning my sister, realize I'm not sad.  She's watching out for all of us, even if it's just to watch us from a mirror.  I even want to think she's hanging out with my dad, visiting all the cool places in the world.  I put them 'on vacation.'  (If you read 'Death's Sidekick,' you'll see that Sadie's sister does that, too.)

Have a great week!
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