Thursday, February 25, 2016

When Others Get Ahead

Our daughter had a crisis this week.  She's a 3.99 GPA college student (she has one A-, the rest A's), studying web design/media development.  She hates her major (who doesn't?) and never ever wants to go into the field when she gets out.  However, she's said this about every major she's had, so I told her to stick with it, get the degree, and get a job in Photoshop (which she LOVES).

Anyway, her crisis came from this one class she has.  One of the students is working on his third major.  In this class, they have to work with a real-live client and give them an application or a design for their business.  This guy did an incredible app, and my daughter was jealous.  She wasn't on top in the class, and is going to have to strive to get there.

Someone had gotten ahead of her.  This wasn't boding well.

So she and I had a little talk.  First this wasn't the guy's first rodeo.  He'd done a lot more and was older.  Chances are, he'd also had a job or two or three that would've helped with his application.  Our daughter has had one job, and quit to get better grades.  Comparing this guy's life to hers was like apples and oranges.

Next, everyone's journey is different.  Our daughter isn't in programming, so she can't compete with the programmers.  She's in design (her choice, by the way).

Opportunities are also different for everyone.  The best thing to do is to take what you're given and strive to be the best at what you do.  Here's an example.  Our son is bright.  He could've gone to MIT, but we couldn't afford to send him.  Also, he'd have to live near a big city--he's the small town type.  Instead of making him a small fish in a big ocean, we convinced him to be the big fish in a small pond type of thing.  He was upset, but when he heard about a friend of his from high school who DID go to MIT, he realized it really wasn't for him.  The opportunity to go to a college closer to home was a better choice for him and he realized that after the fact.

When others get ahead, don't compare yourself to them.  Instead, focus on what you have to do to make it.  It's better to look through the windshield in life and see where you're heading than to stare at others on the sidewalk, or even to look into the rearview mirror and the past to see what could've been.

Head forward.  You'll thank yourself later.

Have a great week!
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