Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Why Are Zombies So Hot?

Ah, zombies.  They seem to be the latest craze in the book world.  It used to be sparkly vampires, but now zombies have taken the forefront.  I have to admit, I enjoy a good zombie tale now and again.  I'm even up-to-date on the CW show, iZombie (cute show if you've never seen it).

So why are people looking to read about the undead who eat brains?  Probably because they're frightful.  It seems that the masses enjoy horror and if you put humor with that horror, it's a hit.  Go figure.

Thus, I'll be working on a book including zombies in the near future.  But it won't be to scare the readers, but more to make them laugh.  Gotta love laughing at zombies.

Have a great week!
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