Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Why I Love Life (And You Should, Too!)

Have you ever known someone who is so full of life, with so much energy that they just have people flocking around them all the time?  They're extroverts and love to be around people.  They get energy from others, and have a smile on their faces all the time.  They're also living from adventure to adventure, never letting dust settle under their feet.

I know of a few of these types of people.  I had one friend in Kansas like this.  She was a hoot to be around, but I could only hang around her for a short period of time.  I got tired of her energy, if that's even possible.  But she was a lot of fun to go shopping with, hang out with our kids, and so on.  She's a friend of mine on Facebook now that we don't live in Kansas anymore.  She travels with her husband a lot, going from trip to trip to trip.  Their only daughter is now married, so they're enjoying life.

I have another friend from high school like this, as well.  My sister found her on Facebook, and showed me her picture.  Her kids are all overachievers, like her, doing things like joining the Peace Corps, going on extreme adventures, and even one of her sisters was on Jeopardy.

I look at them and then look at my life.  I'm an introvert.  I prefer staying home.  Being with people saps my energy and stresses me out.  I like to travel, but not all the time--I need my home base.  People would never call me energetic--couch potato is a better description.

So why can't I be like these people?  They're all successful in whatever they do, have tons of friends, and just love life.  I'm thinking the rest of us just plow through our days, dreading when the 'other shoe' drops.

But do I love life?  Yes, I do.  My pace is a lot slower than these two women I described.  I savor life, enjoying what I have instead of always striving to find the next best thing.  I don't covet much of what others have (except for wanting to have an alpaca farm some day--LOL!), and I'm not out to impress people.  I think of myself more like a Bob Ross type with attitude.  If you've ever seen his videos or watched him paint, you'll know what I mean.  I make my days happy in my own ways.  I turn off the TV, turn on some music, and smile.  I love life, because it's mine and no one can make it miserable unless I allow it to happen.

So, love life.  Regardless if you're an action-adventure junkie or an extreme extrovert with a ton of friends and laughter all day long.  Make your own happiness--I did and I love it.

Have a great week!
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