Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Book a Day...My Dessert Reading

Imagine you live in an ideal world.  But in this world, you have to read a book a day (you're a speed reader, and can read a book in an hour or less).

If you did that, what would be your 'dessert' reading, the thing you craved the most?  What would you want to read?

For me, it'd be a funny romance or a funny mystery.  I love reading those things.  I'd trudge through any required stuff (like my kids would tell me I HAVE to read something...ugh...the worst) just to get to my funny stuff that I enjoy.  I used to read funny mysteries (the Bubbles books were my favorites) and savor every word.  I miss those days when I could just while away the hours in a fun book like that, laughing so hard, I'd spit my coffee out my nose.  I used to take books like those with me when waiting to pick up kids at school, arriving up to 1/2 hour or more early, JUST so I could read.

What would you read if you read a book a day?  What would be your 'dessert' reading?

Have a great week!
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