Thursday, March 3, 2016

Book Cravings: Should You Give In?

I get these flyers from my doctor a few times a year.  This time, there was an article entitled, 'Food Cravings:  Should you give in?'  I thought that could apply to any vice...including books.  Any overindulgence can be bad, right?

Wrong.  According to that article, if it's fruit or veggies that you crave, go for it.

Well, according to this expert (yeah, I'm no expert, but I play one on my blog), if it's a book, yes!  Give in!  And if it's for one of mine, DEFINITELY!  Email me and I'll even try to make it worth your while to give in with a freebie of mine.

So yes.  Give in.  Indulge and enjoy the book!  It's worth it and your mind will thank you later!  (see here:

Have a great week!
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