Thursday, March 24, 2016

Can't Fix Stupid

Have you ever said, 'Can't fix stupid?' in your lifetime?  I use it a lot.  And lately, it's fitting more and more situations that I come across.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

Someone I know is in a political war (don't even get me started on that junk) saying the other side isn't sensitive to their needs, and even yelling about it.'s ironic to me that they're yelling about sensitivity when they're not sensitive themselves.  Even so, everyone knows you don't talk about politics, religion, or any push-button topic of the times.  Period.  I wish more people would do that, and stop yelling at the other side of anything.  But then again, you 'can't fix stupid.'

Another example:

My kids whine about other people whining about their lives when my kids' lives are so much worse and they have the worst problems.  Irony, much?  Um...'can't fix stupid' there.

See what I'm dealing with?  Can't fix stupid these days.  Just move on and let them deal with it themselves, I say.  LOL!

Have a wonderful week!
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