Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hey. What's for Dinner?

Ever get that question?  Hey...what's for dinner?  I get that a lot.  My characters even ask me that.

What do you like to read about for meals?  Some readers don't care what the characters eat, but some like to enjoy the rich savory juiciness of the meal, feeling as if they'd just eaten it themselves.

Put it this way...would you rather read this:

Frank sliced into his steak, the reddish-brown juices running out onto his plate.  He forked a piece into his mouth, the delightful spices mixing with the tender beef before he swallowed.  It kept his mind off the bomb planted in the business next door.

OR would you rather read:

Frank took a bite of steak, but his mind was on something else--like the bomb planted in the business next door.

Some readers don't care as much about detail, but just want to get on with the plot.  Who cares if they ate a piece of meat or not?

I'm thinking romance readers want the sensations, but thriller readers want the action.  What do you think?

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