Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hilarious -- NOT!

This made me laugh but my middle kid (the redhead with attitude) was not amused as much.

She was having a crisis (usually, it's my youngest, but they tag-teamed and now it was the middle kid's turn) last week.  She felt like a failure.  Her college work wasn't going well.  Yada, yada, yada...heard it all before.

If you think I'm the worst mom in the world, you'll have to get in line after my kids, because they tell me that all the time.  But, every time they tell me that, I tell myself I'm doing something right, because I'm forcing them to face their problems and figure them out themselves, or I'll do it MY way.  That's a fate worse than death in their minds.  You see, I'm a fixer and not much of a sympathetic ear.  I'm more of an action type than a 'I don't care and won't do anything but listen' type.

So Redhead with Attitude was having a crisis.  I said something like 'hashtag If-I-can't-fix-it, it's-not-my-problem un-hashtag.'

Amidst her tears of failure, she burst out laughing.  'Un-hashtag, Mom?  Un-hashtag?  You don't have to un-hashtag anything.'

But if it's like HTML code, like used for websites, you have to close the command.  Why not close a hashtag?

She put me on speaker to tell one of her roommates.  So, I did.  Now the roommates are afraid of me!  You know what I said?  'Good!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!!'  (That's my maniacal laugh).

Anyway, I thought it was HILARIOUS, but apparently, the roommates and Redhead with Attitude don't seem to think so.

Have a great week and have a laugh on me!
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