Thursday, March 10, 2016

How's That Font Workin' For Ya?

Have you ever seen a great book cover but the font is the pits?  It's either the wrong color or you can't read it...or it's not the right font.  For example, a romance cover with two people kissing doesn't need to have a font that's for a thriller (see slasher font).  It just doesn't work.

Also, is it tougher for you to pick a font than the picture for the cover?  It is for me.  I create most of my covers (probably 95% of them) and sometimes, that font takes me a LONG time to pick.  I bought fonts a while back so I have more fonts than I care to even consider.  That makes it even tougher.  Then there are the fonts I love but aren't right for some reason or other.  For example, I love the Beach font.  But it's too long.  Or the Calamity Jane font.  LOVE that font.  But it's really light weight (even if bold) and hard to read.

Here's what I'm describing:

Then there's the problem of the distance between lines.  Some have too much space while others have too little.  I know I can move the text, but it's just a pain.

My biggest problem with font is the choice, though, like I said before, because of too many fonts to choose from.  For example, I have about 1000 fonts installed on my machine (I think that's the limit).  Let's say I want one that looks handwritten.  I have a handful of those.  I have to scroll through the entire list to find those fonts.  Frustrating?  You bet.

Then I stumbled onto this page:

FANTASTIC!  There is was, so easy to find.  It even tells me which ones are good for which genres.

So if you're ever stuck, check out that page.  It has a lot of tips on there.  YAY, tips!!!

Have a great week!
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