Monday, March 14, 2016

It's Pi Day!!!

For all you non-nerds out there, today is Pi day.  Pi day, you ask?  Check it out:  Pi Day.  Every March 14, nerds get all excited because Pi is represented as 3.14 for the first three digits.  3.14 is also March 14.  Last year, it also went two more digits:  3.1415 or 3/14/15.  Pi is the constant used to find the circumference of a circle (2*Pi*r) or the area of a circle (Pi * r^2).  Pi is considered to be an infinite decimal, in that the digits after the decimal go on forever and don't repeat.  Thus, Pi is irrational.  Derived from the fraction of circumference over the diameter of a circle, it's approximated to be 22/7.

Because this number is very important in many calculations in nature, physicist Larry Shaw decided to start Pi Day in 1988.  It was a hit.  Now, people celebrate by eating pi(e), wear Pi t-shirts, have a countdown to 1:59 (3.14159 are the first digits, thus 3/14 at 1:59, play Pi games, and even run a 3.14 mile course.

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So enjoy the day.  Have a slice of pi(e) for me!

Have a great week!
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