Monday, March 28, 2016

Locked Out by a Rabbit...

Way back in 2007, we got this lion head bunny named James Kirk (also known as Boo-Boo Bunny) at our home for our youngest daughter for Christmas.  He was a very interesting pet.  He was allergic to Timothy Hay, which they eat.  When he'd eat it, his nose would run.  He also had major attitude.  He liked some people and hated others.  He'd make a great character in a book.  Quite the curmudgeon but in a loving kind of way.

Anyway, one day, James was running around the house.  We'd let him out of his cage three times a day, when the ferrets weren't out.  James was an indoor bunny.  My daughter and I went out the sliding door off the kitchen.  Since the latch doesn't always work on that door, we put a slat of wood at the bottom to 'lock' that door.  We thought nothing of going outside, closing the door, and doing whatever we had to do outside (probably weed the garden).

Well, good old James had to see what we were doing.  While he was watching us out the window, he kicked his feet (we think) and pushed that old slat into place, locking us out.  That was our only way back inside.  He stared at us through the door, as if to say, 'why are you out there?'  OR 'I finally got rid of you.'  Not sure, because both of those comments would've fit his personality.

Fortunately, our other kids were home at the time.  So my daughter and I ran around the house to the front door and rang the doorbell.  Our other children thought we'd answer the door, thinking we were inside and the person at the front door was a stranger.  So we kept ringing the doorbell over and over again until our other daughter opened the door.  She wondered why we were ringing the doorbell until we explained that our rabbit locked us out.

We still laugh about that story.  Good hindsight, but not at the time.  James--what a hoot.  He's going to be a character, some day, in one of my books.  Just you wait.

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