Thursday, March 17, 2016

Social Media Can Be Annoying

I admit.  I use social media.  I post things every day on Twitter and Facebook.  I don't have many followers on either account, but I post things anyway.  I do get more hits on Twitter than Facebook even though the content is the same (I figure no one's on my Facebook account, so why not use the same feed).

For the posts that get the most shares and likes, they're usually pictures of something, or a blog posting with a number in the title (like I published #48!).  Why, I have no idea.

The things that bug me about social media are the people who don't post.  They don't use the social media.  So when I go to retweet someone's posting, I'm finding the same stale posts they had weeks ago in the same spots.

Thus, if you're going to use social media, use it.  Give me a reason to go back and see what you have that's new.  I'll retweet if it's PG rated.

Have a great week!
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