Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Latest in Web Design

Our daughter is in web and media design in college (her major).  She's learned a lot about designing websites and told me about Google's Material Design concept.  Google has a whole website area devoted to how a website should be laid out.

It's a lot to take in, so I asked my daughter to give me the overview.  She pointed to various websites to show me what she's talking about.  It uses big blocks of bold color with a sans serif font.  Here are some pages with examples:

10 superb examples of material design websites
Google Design

I like these too:
Khan Academy

Here's more:
What You Can Learn From Google's Material Design

So I tried to incorporate this idea into my site.  It's very cool!  Here's a screen shot from last Sunday for my site (it changes every day according to my twitter and blog feed at the bottom):

And here's another iteration, after I realized it took way too long for the top to load (this was changed yesterday):

Now I'm just waiting for my daughter to come home on Friday for Spring Break to tear it all apart and tell me to start over.  LOL!

If you're thinking of changing up your website, this would be a cool idea.

Have a great week!
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