Wednesday, March 23, 2016

There Are Always Two Sides to Every Story

Let's face it.  Romances (and other genres) are about relationships.  Relationships between a couple, about their families, extended relatives...and even communities.

In the past month, someone I know (but am not directly related to) went into a nursing home.  The family has been fighting about the woman's stuff while trying to clean out her apartment.  The fight got out of hand and it must've been a horrible scene.  I heard one side of the story, certain the other side was as evil as anything.  Then I heard another side of the story from an innocent bystander, not so sure of the first person's description of things.

How can two different people give such differing accounts of the same situation?  And, how can any of these people consider themselves to be adults from the way they bickered and fought?  If I'd have been there, I think I'd have called the cops, it was that caustic.

Regardless, I now have another plot in mind, just from listening to two accounts of this story.  Let the writing begin...some day.  LOL!

Have a great week!
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