Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What's Your Passion?

Now that my daughter is undecided on what she wants to do for the future (see this post: When Others Get Ahead), my son decided this tag team idea should be continued.  He called me with a crisis.  What should I do?  Should I go to grad school or not, and if so, what in?  He feels unfulfilled in his job.  He's a programmer for a small telecommunications company and is the only mobile applications developer there.  His degree is in applied math and communications.

He's considering aerospace engineering but doesn't think he has enough of a background to do it, so he'll have to go back to college to get a second undergrad degree.  But what does he REALLY want to do?

Thus, I played counselor once again.  I figure if I can get through the 20s for my kids, I'm golden.  Right?  My mom says otherwise.  'You'll always be a mother,' she says.  'They'll always come to you with their crises.'  Yeah.  Guess so.  I take this all to her, too, so I'm doing the same thing.

Anyway, I started looking up references for my son, to see what he'd really like to do.  I started with 'what should I do with my life' or something like that and came up with aptitude questionnaires.  I took a few, to see if they make sense.  I mostly came up with artistic or a writer, but one said I should be a 'family man' (  No kidding.  And no, it didn't ask my gender (I'm a female).  Hilarious!

This site:  talks about finding your passion in life.  What's your passion?  What are your gifts?  What are your values?  Then you go from there to see what career fits those things.

Wow.  What's my passion?  I'd love to be able to help people.  That doesn't really fit with my curmudgeonness much, but's a goal, right?  Gifts--I listen a lot, even though I get GREAT think time when people talk.  Values?  Things that don't hurt others and are morally right.  I'm not into that 'the world is full of shades of gray' junk.  Uh, no.  Right or wrong, for me.

What does that mean I could be 'when' I grow up (I'll never grow up...I'm a Peter Pan type of person)?  Um...the world may never know.

What's your passion?  What do you want to do to make yourself happy?  What job wouldn't feel like a job to you?

Have a great week!
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