Sunday, April 3, 2016

A True Storyteller

My son sent me a link to a Youtube video by Paul Harvey (1918-2009).  If you've never heard him speak, I'd suggest you go listen to any of his broadcasts.

This guy could tell a story so well, you wanted to know 'the rest of the story,' his tag line.  His media was usually radio, as well.  So the listener had to construct the scene in their head.

My father used to listen to his regular broadcasts.  At the end of his time, he'd always say, 'Good Day' in the way only Paul Harvey could do it.

Here's a list of some of his 'the rest of the story' tales.

Popular Paul Harvey & Paul Harvey's The Rest of the Story videos

I just listened to Paul Harvey The Rest Of The Story Lizzie Borden.  He explained the whole setup of why the killer did it.  And no, it wasn't Lizzie.

This guy had storytelling down to a science and able to get the listener to hear the words and imagine what was going on.  He also did it in very few words, no flowery stuff, but just enough to spark someone's imagination.  We could all learn a lot from Paul Harvey.

Have a great week!  Good Day!
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