Thursday, April 7, 2016

...But There's More!

Have you ever stayed up to watch Infomercials at night?  They usually start out with a teaser about the product.  'These knives were used in WWII to chop cabbage into tiny bits for the soldiers.'  Intrigued?  Maybe so.

They're not done yet.  After that initial teaser, they go on to say, 'but there's more.'  Have you noticed, there's always more?  'If you buy these cabbage knives, we'll throw in another set for just shipping and handling.'

Then ten minutes go by.  Oh wow, what do you know.  There's more?  'We'll also throw in this one-of-a-kind doll that some kid played with in the Civil War.  It's worth millions.'

('re going to give that out to everyone?)

"You only get the doll if you're one of the first ten callers in the next ten minutes."

(Oh.  Right.  Only ten callers, because it's a one-of-a it).

And so it goes.

But life works that way, too.  Right when you think that's it for the vacation, that's it for the holidays, that's it for everything fun coming up, there's always more.

I was thinking the other day, 'Wow.  Easter's gone.  April Fool's is over.  We got through Christmas and the New Year, and I even made it through St. Patrick's without wearing green.  So the good stuff's over, right?

Nope.  There's always more!  Next up, Memorial Day.  Then Fourth of July.  Then Labor Day.  Then...more, and more, and more.  Life is like that.  There's always more until you die.

So the next time you're looking out the window at the rain, thinking life can't get more cloudy than this, be of good cheer.  There's always a rainbow at the end of the rain.  There's always something to look forward to.  There's always 'more.'

Have a great week!
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