Thursday, April 28, 2016

Character Studies

Have you ever gone people watching?  I like to assign situations to strangers or try to guess what they're thinking.

Here's an example.  I'm going to illustrate my point by using random pictures of people.  How would you describe their situations?  It's a great motivator for character studies in books, to practice giving people a back story.

He thinks he's Clark Kent?  Where's his phonebooth?  And that woman on my right?  She's after this guy.  Well, she can have him.  He wasn't a good date anyway, with that phone glued to his ear.  Oh wait.  Maybe it really IS glued to his ear?  He wasn't that bright and it was in the same position last week when I saw him.  I need to ditch this joint.  Wonder if they'd miss me?

Dear Diary:  I went out on that blind date tonight.  The guy was a little scaly but nice enough I guess.  He kept trying to sell me insurance, though.  Very odd.  And that Australian accent?  Fake.  I could tell by the way his tongue kept going in and out.  What's he think he is, anyway?  A gecko?  Fat chance.

Three kids, three different schools...and all in trouble at once?  What's a mom to do?  Go on vacation.  Alone!

And then she killed off the writer in the book, because the woman didn't know anything about mystery writing?  I like it!  Oh wait.  I'm the writer???

I never should've signed up for 'Mommy's Dating Service.'  This woman's so self-involved, and her mother won't leave us alone.  She keeps standing there just staring at us.  Time to write off all blind dates from now on.  Ridiculous!

What do you think?  Would you consider something more extreme for these pictures, like a doomsday machine heading for earth?  Or a spy situation?

Let me know!

Have a great week!
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