Thursday, April 21, 2016

Coffee With Valerie -- Photo Police Edition

I have this good friend (and I know she'll read this blog posting) who lives near me.  We have kids about the same age and go out for coffee once in a while (usually not weekly, but we strive for that).

She's a hoot.  She, like me, can be sarcastic.  She's one person I can tell anything to and she'll never judge me.  She might laugh at me (while I also laugh at myself) but she'll always be my friend.

So we were out last week, hanging out at the local Target Starbucks and watching the crowd while comparing notes on how to deal with our families.  She decided we should be photo police for some people who look awful while out in public.  Case in point--we saw a young woman in shorts that were entirely too small (like children's size) that covered almost nothing.  The woman had a tattoo under the bottom of the shorts line on her very upper thigh.

If there were photo police out taking pictures of people and then showing them what they look like, people might take a little more time to be respectable out in public.

If someone snapped your profile on their phone and then approached you to show you what the world saw when you were out, what would you think?  I'd be majorly offended, then slink off to my house, never to leave again.  However, like Valerie says, 'You don't have the right attitude.'  She also says, 'You wouldn't understand--you have no life.'  LOL!  Worst part is, she's RIGHT!

What if that were someone's job, and they had to be photo police?  Would people be more careful of what they wore and how they looked if there were actual photo police?  This would be an interesting study in people and a very interesting book plot.

In the book, the person with the short straw would have to go to the local Walmart and see the Walmartians.  (See Pinterest or the People of Walmart web page and you'll understand).

Have a great week!
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