Friday, April 1, 2016

Happy April Fool's

April Fool's Day dates back to 1582, with the change in the calendar in France.  The change made the beginning of the new year to be January 1, instead of March 25-April 1.  Some people refused (or didn't know about) the change, and were referred to as fools, since they weren't up with the times.  They were sent on fool's errands and made fun of.

There are different ways to celebrate April Fool's Day.  In Scotland, for example, the holiday is called 'Taily Day' and jokes about the buttocks are made.  Think of the 'kick me' sign as something that would come from Scotland.

In England, the jokes are only made in the morning.  In Portugal, people throw flour on each other.

From my own observation, April Fool's lasts a lot longer than one day.  Some people seem to celebrate year round.  I remember, as a child, saying, 'April Fool's for next year' when I wanted to trick someone but it wasn't on April Fool's Day.

Here are some hilarious April Fool's stunts.  Enjoy!
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Here' are some you can do yourself:
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Have a great week!  Happy April Fool's Day!
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