Saturday, April 30, 2016

Homemade Potato Chips -- YUM!

I love potato chips.  They're on my banned list of food, because if I start eating a bag, I won't quit until the bag's empty.  It's a problem.

So to remedy this problem, I decided I'd learn to make my own chips.  That way, I can make a potato at a time and there won't be too many chips to eat at once. Good thinking, huh?

Well, that seemed to be a good plan.  How hard can it be, really?  Harder than you think.

My first batches over the years were really dark, almost burned, and not crispy in the middle.  I did research on the recipe and found out a few things.  I made chips last Saturday using a new method, to see if I could deviate, and no.  They were burned.

So here is my recipe for making potato chips.

Take this recipe:

Homestyle Potato chips by

But only go up to the soaking part.  Let them soak for 1/2 hour in salt water.  Rinse and drain again.  (To get the paper thin chips, use a mandolin.  I have this one and it works GREAT on the thinnest setting.)

Then, before you even consider just frying them (they'll burn), read this recipe:

The Food Lab: Extra-Crunchy Homemade Potato Chips

Before you put the chips in oil, cook them in water with a bit of white vinegar.  Then dry them off completely before you fry them.  Just be careful working with the oil.  It will rise up because the chips still are wet.

I also use a narrow baking pan that has high sides.  I found if the chips are allowed to rest on the top of the oil (because the pan's wide, like in a frying pan), then only the edges get done.  So I put in a spoonful of the potatoes, and stir them to make sure the entire potato is immersed.

I  start them out frying on a medium heat.  When they stop bubbling a bit (releasing the water), then I turn the heat up to high to get them crispy.  It doesn't take long for that to happen, but they won't burn on the high heat if you par-boil (cook them first) in vinegar water.

This is what you'll get.  They're very crunchy, and completely cooked--every last one of them.  I put them in a metal bowl, just to dry out from the grease.  Then I put plastic over the top so they don't get mushy in an airtight plastic bowl.

You can't even taste the vinegar.  They're delicious and addictive!

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